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  What Do You Want and Need in a Home?

Finding a new home can be exciting. But deciding
Most homebuyers invariably face trade-offs. Youandcanafford-can be challenging. Making these decisions begins with you sort out your options. He or she can also offer setting priorities among many different preferences. important insights specific to your local market.
Here are many of the considerations you'll want to discuss with your buyer's rep:
+ Do you prefer a single-family detached home, townhome, condominium, or other type of property?
+ Desired number of bedrooms and baths
+ Preferences regarding kitchen, dining, family rooms, etc. and preferred home layout
+ High-priority home features, such as kitchen appliances, fireplaces, etc.
+ Other types of rooms needed (e.g., a home office or a hobby space)
+ Storage spaces (closets, basement, an outdoor shed, etc.)
+ Need for a garage or
parking space, and fi so, for how many cars?
+ Ranch, two-story, split level, etc.
+ Age and style of home
(Victorian, bungalow, modern, etc.)
+ How important is energy efficiency or other green home features?
+ Commuting considerations (to work, shopping, etc.)
+ Proximity to desirable features (such as a community center, exercise facility, school, hospital, etc.)
+ Viewshow important is to find your ideal view (overlooking a park, for example) or avoiding a bad one (a busy highway)?
+ Size and shape, including back, front and side yards
+ Landscaping considerations--the need for open play areas, privacy, patio space, decking, etc.
+ Home orientation Is it important for your home to face a particular direction?
+fI you'll be sharing your home with children, pets, live-in parents, or others, how does this impact your housing preferences?
Both now, and in the future?
(For example, pets may require a fenced-in yard; older parents may dictate one-floor living.)
+ Proximity to neighbors
+ Homeowner association fees? + Property taxes
+ How much do you want to invest in a home beyond the purchase price, either financially or in terms of sweat equity, if you can't find exactly what you want?
+ Are you wiling to consider other neighborhoods that provide better affordability?
+ How long do you plan to live in this home? How does this impact the type of home you will buy, how much you'll spend, and your choice of location?
The Center for REALTOR" Development (CRD) confers the Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR*) designation, which is a n official credential of the National Association of REALTORS" (NAR).


National Association of Realtors - June 24, 2024

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